* Mirror Ultrafragola by Poltronova, vase Dagg by Carina Seth Andersson, the rest is customized.

* seven meters width, sandwiched between the neighboring buildings, the proposal is a home with space for many.


1. plan level 0,   - social space / entrance, hallway, guest wc, kitchen, dining room, parlour, patio / garden private space / master bedroom, bathroom.

2. plan level 1, - social space / livingroom, - private space, wet zone / wc,  laundry room, shower room, bathroom.

3. plan level 2,   - private space / bedroom / office room x2.

4. plan level 3,   - social space / rooftop terrace.

1. public facade, facing street (introverted) 

2. private facade, facing private garden (extroverted).

* A modern functional dwelling with simple materials and clear contrasts for social spaces and private areas.


* The low backrest gives the stable chair a neat impression, at the same time as it makes it possible to fit it underneath the table, occupying less space when not in use. 

* concept render and painting / digital.

* concept render and painting / digital.

 1. section  2. facade side view.   3. facade front view  4. facade back view.   5. axo.    6. plan.    7. principal section.    a. 30 sedum, 10 VT blanket, 0.2 vapour-retarding layer, 25 tongue-and-groove board, thatch ceiling (decor), 120x45 glulam beam.   b. jute carpet between roof and wall providing for natural ventilation.   c. 15 clay plaster (locally sourced), 3 jute carpet in fittings, 195 pressed hay, 195 wooden beam, 15 clay plaster (locally sourced), 120x45 glulam beam, 15 clay plaster (locally sourced).   d. 200x200 recycled wood (tarred & burnt), 95x45 crossbeam in wood (tarred and burnt).